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Plumis Smartscan Automist is the most advanced water mist fire suppression system currently available. J&H Fire Protection have been carefully selected by Plumis as an Automist Accredited Installer across London, Kent and South East England.

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Automist Smartscan can be used as a high-value replacement for conventional sprinkler systems. Automatically activated by a heat detector, it comprises a wall-mounted swivelling nozzle with an in-built infrared sensor, which seeks out and locks on to the source of the fire. In contrast to traditional sprinklers, it fills the air surrounding the fire with a fine fog, drastically reducing smoke and heat while extinguishing the fire.

Smartscan helps to keep people and property safe, and is more affordable and less disruptive to retro-fit than traditional water sprinklers.

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James Dyson says...

"This simple but clever device should become a permanent safety feature in the home. Smoke alarms are an essential part of modern life, but have been fundamentally unchanged for forty years. Automist not only detects fire, but can put it out as well."

Plumis Smartscan Enables Open Plan Living

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If you need a fire protection sprinkler system designed, supplied and installed anywhere in London, Kent and South East England, look no further than J&H Fire Protection (UK) Ltd. 
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